Wolf Howling

By Brian Van Brunt | November 23, 2018

My lovelies,

It is finished. I have to say, this process was a bit more than I expected. With a little help from my friends, it ended up coming together. It was important for me to have more creative control with the publishing, so that meant working through Cynthia’s new company Light Rising Publishing and working with Sublime media and Marigny studios to bring together the first book in the Samsara series. Rick and Armond added some most excellent sound tracks to both audio book versions. I’d encourage you to visit Armond’s site and see his cool slide guitars. If you are looking for a place to record music or an audio book, perhaps a film project—I couldn’t recommend Marigny Studios more highly.

There are a number of items you can purchase. For simplicity, I’ve summarized them here with links:

  • The paperback book available for purchase through Amazon at $19.95 (I will gladly personalize and sign these to you when I see you!). The book includes color photos and cool clues throughout.
  • The Kindle version is available from through Amazon for $9.99.
  • The dramatized audio version (read by some amazing voice actors) is available from my website at $14.95. Thanks to John, Megan, Jessie and Joanne for their cool readings.
  • The audibles/itunes audio version (read by me!). This one should be up ANY day on audibles. We are sorting out what is up with this.
  • The special edition paperback is available from my “Get everything” special edition on my website. You really do get everything…and then some. You get a limited edition (100 copies) signed paper back with stickers, postcards, and a Samsara themed black cat USB drive. This includes a digital copy of book and both audio versions. One is me reading and the other is a dramatized version with four different actors.
  • Headed down to New Orleans? Check out Second Line Arts and Antiques on Decatur. I have signed copies for sale there as well as some artwork from my daughter Emily.

Well…no rest for the wicked. Up next, working on finalizing book 2, Catching Ophelia. Not to give anything away, but the first book ends on a bit of cliff hanger…and at the risk of borrowing George R. R. Martin rage, I think my lovely readers would string me up if I don’t keep the train rolling.

I’ll make frequent updates here on this blog. I’d love to field questions from readers about the first book, the creation process or to hear any reactions you may have.


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