Wolf Howling

A winding tale set in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Wolf Howling is the first of five books in the series Samsara. There is a puzzle to discover; a path among the brick alleyways and uneven streets.

Gather around, you travelers and malcontents. Come and sit a spell here with the gamblers, musicians and thieves. Yes, yes…right here. They wait for you, your brothers and sisters; the ghosts of merchants, of voodoo priestesses and jazz prophets; of poets, seekers, and the Bacchanalian. They gather in the cellar; our fresh, ripe bones thrown into the Caveaux to mix with the dry chalk of our ancestors.

She is a siren, you see that, don’t you? This city. This New Orleans. Full of dichotomies and mysteries; brimming with character and characters. She offers a respite and reflection, a passion and a decadence. Her dowry is culture and sustenance; pleasure and rapacity.

Can you see him there? Coming from the mist. He waits for her. Waiting for the young woman with her dog. She will lean close and whisper to him and there will be dreams of white rabbits, silver lockets, marauding pirates and hungry sharks. It is about to start! Don’t you see? Wait for it now with me. Here it comes…

And it began again.

Special Edition Paperback

The Wolf Howling special edition is available only through this website. The cost is $49.95 and this includes all of the items below. Shipping is included in the price.

  • Authored signed, color paper-back copy (limited numbered edition of the first printing (1-100).
  • Assortment of printed postcards, stickers and bookmarks from Wolf Howling
  • Digital products Included on custom printed, credit card sized, 8GB USB drive:
  • Author reading of Wolf Howling in high (500MB) and low (143MB)
  • Dramatized reading of Wolf Howling in high (500MB) and low (155MB)
  • PDF e-reader version of Wolf Howling
  • 20 printable post cards in PDF format (front and back)
  • 20 JPEG postcard images from the book.
  • Video screen saver with postcard images
  • Black cat smokes animation and jingle
  • Cat walking in New Orleans video
  • Ghost appearing video
  • Murder in New Orleans video

Special Edition Paperback


Dramatized AudioBook

The Wolf Howling special edition audio book is also only available through this website. For $14.99, you will receive a digital download dramatized reading of Wolf Howling. The cast is featured below.

The girl read by Megan Rutledge

Albert read by John Malcom

Wagner read by Jessie Mann

Ella read by Joanne Thompson

Dramatized AudioBook